There are too many people on this planet

Charles W Milliken

Charles Milliken

Many years ago I fell in love with economics, since it made plain root principles from which everything else would spring. In short, if you would understand the trees (and branches and leaves), you had better understand a forest.

That analogy comes to mind as I marvel at the disparate groups on the contemporary left, the leaves and twigs as it were, to find the underlying unifying principle. What is it, precisely, which unites green environmentalists, LGBTQ+, pro-abortion activists, critical race theorists, “progressive” criminal reformers and much of the rest? I think it is simply this: There are far too many people on the planet, and the majority of those people are the wrong kind of people. Think Hillary’s “basket of deplorables.”

The roots of this belief go back to Thomas Malthus, if not before, who published in 1798 a hugely influential book on population postulating that human reproduction would outstrip the food supply, with the result of mass starvation. Absent self-restraint, only wars, disease, crime and other causes of death could stop this process. Darwin looked at his theory, saw overpopulation led to a struggle for survival, and thus the connection to survival of the fittest. Social Darwinists then applied the principle to survival of the fittest races, with the horrific consequences seen in the 20th century.

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